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Here We Go….Live at 6pm

April 13, 2010

Opening night…6pm to 2am! If you are around, come down and have some pork cheeks and a glass of wine.


Who’s Hungry for Pork Cheeks?

April 9, 2010

candy beets, pancetta, cabra, hazelnuts, blood orange

We’re officially opening this Tuesday, April 13th. Of course, 13 is a sacred number in Judaism, as is bacon, (haha to both), so we figured it the most appropriate day to unveil Traif. In actuality, we just finished up  week of training, neighbrohood parties, and  friends and family dinners. We think that they went pretty well. So, we are going to take the next few days, address some details, fix a few things, and gear up for Grand Opening. Pork cheeks will be a braising, mussels a steaming, and bacon a crisping. we hope to you see you soon, we hope to make you happy, and we are using every minute until Tuesday at 6pm to make sure we are ‘covered.’ Thanks for all you support, comments, and interest in our humble, little project. Again, I wish that I had more time to spend writing, but your involvement has been inspiring to Heather and I. And, we look forward to interacting more with you, the blog, and bacon!

strawberry-cinnamon glazed pork ribs


A splash of Artwork…

April 2, 2010

OkMitch, a local artist team of Dmitry Pankov and Angel Saemai help give Traif some edge…

We are really excited with the way the mural came out on the soffit; a nice balance of delicate and unrefined.  We can’t wait to see how the one-of-a-kind communal table is going to look…these guys are great! Check them out at

stir the pot…?

March 27, 2010

Hello, Traifies. I have been consumed with the exciting world of health inspections, construction, and cleaning since the last post. I am glad to see that this humble, little blog seems to be taking a life of one’s own. As someone holding a degree in philosophy, I am happy to be around a little debate and appreciate comments from both sides of the aisle… In any case, we’re getting closer, I mean real close. I’ll be trying to keep this a bit more updated for exact dates. BTW, if anyone is interested in sheetrock dust, I’m, pretty sure we have a couple kilos of the stuff– hiding, lurking, just waiting to come out as soon as we mop, polish, or wipe…. Ah, the glorious side of opening a restaurant…..