Traif Menu 6.15.10


June 15, 2010

red plums, cherry tomatoes, bacon, hazelnuts, blue cheese, sherry

roasted carrots, oranges, feta, baby spinach, grapes, sunflower seeds

housemade ‘ciccioli,’ pickled watermelon, red onions

bacon-wrapped blue cheese–stuffed dates, spinach a la catalana

sautéed broccoli rabe, roasted portobella-truffle toast, fried egg

spicy, bigeye tuna tartare, tempura eggplant, kecap manis

duck confit lettuce wraps, banana-tamarind prik

smoked pork belly, lentils, artichokes, tomato marmalade

stuffed corn cake, marinated rock shrimp, champagne mango

thai spicy-sweet chili-glazed calamari

confit, crispy chicken wings, five-spice glaze

strawberry-cinnamon glazed baby back ribs

lamb & chorizo meatballs, chipotle cream, manchego

bbq, braised short rib sliders, sweet potato fries

miso-glazed king salmon skewers, pickled cucumber salad

new zealand cockles, shell pasta, pancetta, tomato, chilies, mint

seared scallops, snap & english pea risotto, caper brown butter

fresh alaskan spot prawns, garlic, olive oil, pimento

whole-roasted long island porgy, turkish spices, wilted greens

sautéed sweetbreads, artichokes, asparagus, roast maitake’s

seared foie, fingerlings, ham chips, sunny egg, maple, hot sauce   

braised berkshire pork cheeks a l’ancienne,  polenta, prune jus


cheese plate: 3 cheeses, meyer lemon & tomato marmalades, salted hazelnuts


bacon doughnuts, dulche de leche, coffee ice cream

strawberry cobbler, passion fruit cream

brown sugar budino, auntie h’s chocolate bark


9 Responses to “Traif Menu 6.15.10”

  1. Dallas Says:

    This is absolutely heavenly … pure genius, and I am not even sure the word “scrumptious” could begin to describe what this menu is all about! OMG!!!! Get in my belly!

  2. chris Says:

    Thank you both Heather and Jason. The meal was so amazing. Could not stop thinking about it all day today. Cannot wait until the next time we come! Thanks again Chris and Gerry

  3. Samantha Says:

    YUM!!! My mom had her post-wedding dinner here tonight, and it was amaaaazing. Definitely wins best dinner of the year award 🙂 – will be dreaming of the pork cheeks, foie, and sliders for a looong time. A wonderful experience and we’ll definitely be back soon!

  4. The Food Doc Says:

    Just wanted you to know that I had two wonderful meals at Traif last month, and I plan to go back in the near future. Crispy pork belly, tuna tartare and meatballs were just delectable. Dulce de leche bacon doughnuts were just wonderful. Keep up the good work! More power to you Jason!

  5. yulia Says:

    Incredible food!!! Absolutely delicious, every dish we had was outstanding! I want to eat there everyday!

  6. Cate Says:

    This is just an amazing restaurant. I love the food and the people. Even the garden is beautiful.

  7. jew like you Says:


    Since we are talking food, you are personally invited to eat a meal (sorry, not traif) at my home with my family and kids on shabbes or yontif (next month lots of holidays) and say lechaim. You could say my home, and certainly during the holidays, has a name, ‘Leibedig’ (Lively!) I live local.

  8. Cate Says:

    Traif! Congratulations on the nice NYT review.

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