2 Months

Hello Traifies, this is Jason here.  Amazingly, we just hit the 2 month mark, which may not seem like a lot. Actually, it isn’t a lot. However, these 2 months do represent a lot of work, emotions, mostly happy customers,… and bacon. I wanted to write more, I have contemplated writing more, I haven’t written  all that much. I’ve got to say that this is actually kind of an enjoyable outlet. So, maybe I will write more. What I do know for sure is that I am excited that the spring into summer thing is happening, which means all the vegetables aren’t green… and stone fruit…. and sweet shellfish… and happy, grazing animals… i.e. good eating! As a side note, England’s soccer goalie, named Green, let in perhaps the softest goal in world cup history to the US last Saturday. So, I guess I still am a bit soft on some-things-‘green…’ In any case, if you’re reading this today, you really should come in for dinner soon. We have fresh alaskan spot prawns, local whole-roasted long island porgies, spicy cockles with pancetta (the other bacon), pork belly, foie gras, sweetbreads and yes fruits and vegetables–to keep us honest here. Well, those pork cheeks aren’t going to braise themselves, so….. talk to you soon and hopefully cooking for you even sooner!


2 Responses to “2 Months”

  1. Akira Says:

    Congratulations on your successful launch of Traif. You literally blew us away with your amazing dishes tonight. I had not had such an amazing dinner for a long time. I admire your passtion and genuineness. I cannot wait to go back…

  2. Chris Says:

    I ate at Traif a few weeks back and was floored by how good the food and service was. I’ve been spreading the good word to everyone w/a willing ear. Keep up the great work!

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