Here We Go….Live at 6pm

Opening night…6pm to 2am! If you are around, come down and have some pork cheeks and a glass of wine.


4 Responses to “Here We Go….Live at 6pm”

  1. The Bray of Fundie Says:

    Nu?? How’s business??? When do we get a new post out of you? Don’t be a khazir and keep all the news to yourself!

  2. A.B Says:

    Congratulations for the new place. Next time in NY will certainly pay a visit, probably for a vegetrian dish…

    Good luck,

  3. mwinn Says:

    As a nice Jewish girl living near Hilton Head Island, SC, I definitely appreciate your fabulous use of all things traif (I’m not sure that my rabbi will accept my invitation to our annual Porkstravaganza Party). I’ve told my husband, also a chef, that our next trip is to Brooklyn to check you guys out.

    Keep updating the blog and posting the menus!

  4. Jing Says:

    Tried your pork cheeks at the Taste of Williamsburg event and I was impressed. Coming tomorrow for dinner!

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