It’s been about two weeks since I last wrote. It seems like only a couple days ago. Opening a restaurant in NYC warps one’s sense if time. One minute, you’re consumed with 2 weeks from now, another minute you’re consumed with 2 days ago, and then the next minute you can’t see 2 seconds ahead of you. Don’t get the wrong idea that any of this is hard. This process could probably be summed up in a 5 page pamphlet… triple-spaced, 24 font.  The problem is that you have to deal with a lot of people. And most of them either: a. are trying to rip you off, b. don’t share your enthusiasm when it comes to trying to open your restaurant asap, or c. a&b. Is there really a need to contemplate chairs or paint colors  or stone slabs for this many hours? Did I fill that application out just right? Did the granite guy pick the right slab? How can I get this government employee to care a little more or pick up the phone? This mental “hazing process” is designed to really make you want to open or really want to disappear to Bali. We’re hopefully about 1 week from being done with renovations and then another two weeks for cleaning, training, tasting, pre-opening, etc. For your dining pleasure, I am going to attach some pictures of the progression of Traif…


2 Responses to “fortnight/openingarestaurantnight”

  1. Michael Ugarte Says:

    What’s up Jason & Heather! I sent info on Traif to all my friends in NY. Best of luck, Mike

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