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Mmmm, Bacon….

February 23, 2010
The old bar with 3 Large Columns

Three large columns and a green polished bar gave the original design a very apartment kind of feel. We removed the columns to open up the space, so people can enjoy an interactive experience with the kitchen and watch as their plates come to life.

I am Jason Marcus, the chef and co-owner of Traif– a restaurant coming soon to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. What is ‘traif?’ What kind of name is ‘traif’ for a restaurant? These are two good questions, and here is one answer. Traif is a hebrew word that essentially refers to un-kosher foods. I am Jewish, although obviously not great at it. So, Traif is a restaurant that celebrates the foods that I love most, which just so happens to be the foods that I am not supposed to eat. At Traif, we will feature pork and shellfish. Do you like bacon in everything, wish that your bowl of moules-frites would never end? Then, you might be very excited for Traif. We are about 6 weeks from opening, so I’ve decided to enter the world of blogging. I’m not sure if there’s anyone out there, but if there is… drop me a line, stay tuned for more updates, get excited for suckling pig confit and king crab bearnaise. We’re coming as soon as we can open, and we’ve got bacon, a lot of bacon!

Looking at the Front Door